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Frugal Cooking with Friends
Frugal Cooking with Friends

A little about us

We have been friends for over 7 years and actually have never met in person. We are sort of like “pen pals” except via the internet. We talk regularly and communicate almost daily by messenger. We both have busy lives at home but share a joy of cooking.

Frugal cooking with friends



Anne lives in idyllic rural Kansas where she has found many excuses to pull out her recipes for various organizations that she volunteers with and helps feed. She helps run several science-based groups online and one for her community. She lives her dream of residing among the corn,wheat, soy and cows-where the towns are small, the past times are golden, and freeways, jets, and traffic don’t exist. She lives with her husband and three children. They raise three chickens and laugh at the antics of wild animals while Anne plays Mom Taxi for her kids. 




I am a single mother to two beautiful girls. I hold a full time job working in a school for special education students. I LOVE to cook and try new recipes. I like to make cooking fun for me and my kids.  A rainy day inside becomes a fun memory with a new food item we cooked up in the kitchen. I also like to take my creations to school and share with my co-workers or with the students who enjoy a special treat. I guess you can say I love cooking for others!

Being a single mother sometimes requires creativity when it comes to meals, especially meals on the go with all the activities my kids are in! Basketball, cheerleading, track and band! I always need to think ahead and have a game plan for meals and snacks that can be taken in the car and in a pinch.


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Have a fun recipe that you cook for your family and want to share it with us? Or have a recipe you want to try but are unsure how to go about making it? We love to hear from our readers. Send us a message or email.