I love making Jasmine Rice in my Instant Pot because it’s so little fuss and faster than my rice cooker. On the stove top you have to watch it and I am apt to do it not quite right. I don’t want waste rice by risking it being chewy, crunchy or mush. With the Instant Pot as long as you use the right measurements and right times it should give you exactly the right texture of rice.

You’ll need a few kitchen tools to pull off the Instant Pot Jasmine rice. Obviously you need the Instant Pot. It likely won’t matter what size you have. I have a 6 quart. I’ve done 3 cups of rice and I still had plenty of room to do more. The trick with Jasmine Rice is you use 1 cup of Rice to 1 cup of water. You need to use a real 1 cup measuring cup, not the one that comes with the IP as that one is too small. Not all kinds of rice are the same measurements. Each kind is a bit different.

Now before you add all of this to the Instant Pot, you’ll need to rinse the rice, to help remove the starch. I found it easiest to use a strainer where the rice won’t fall through and a bowl to catch the water. Then I just used the sprayer in my sink to rinse. I had to pour out the water numerous times until it was nearly clear. Once it’s rinsed, you can add it to the instant pot. Then add the salt and as soon as you’re ready to start the cooking you’ll add the water.

You’ll seal the lid, make sure the vent knob is in the right position (covered). You only need to cook it for 3 minutes. For my IP I put it on manual, if you have a high button, you can choose that. Put it to 3 minutes. It will take time to build to full pressure and then cook for the 3 minutes. After that you’ll need to let it naturally release for 10 minutes. If you use quick release you’ll push too much fluid (steam) out and your rice will be crunchy. After 10 minutes you can move the vent knob over and a small amount of steam will come out, and then it’s ready! Jasmine rice makes a sticky rice, so it’s not quite the same as your regular white rice, but works great for Chinese food because it’s easier to pick up with chopsticks.

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Instant Pot Jasmine Rice

Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Main Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 2 People


  • 1 Cups Jasmine Rice Rinsed
  • 1 Cups Water Must use real measuring cup
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Salt
  • Strainer that rice won’t fall through and a large mixing bowl


  • The recipe is written 1 for 1, but this can be doubled, tripled even quadrupled. Just double all the ingredients. Don’t put the rice in the IP and then add water and let it soak. Once you add the water, you need to turn it on immediately.
  • First step will be to soak the rice to get as much of the starch off as we can and it softens it a bit. Use a strainer that rice won’t fall through. Over the sink, have the faucet flow or spray into that strainer full of rice into a mixing bowl. As it fills up, keep emptying it. You want to keep rinsing until the water is mostly no longer white and is clear.
  • Once you’ve rinsed the rice, pour it into the IP. If you are doing 2 cups, you’ll do 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water. Do the rice first. Then do the salt. Pour the water in as soon as you’re ready to close the IP and begin cooking. You MUST use a normal one cup (250ml) or larger measuring cup for the water, not the “cup” that comes with the IP. That cup is too small (180ml). This recipe has to be done exactly as posted. If you alter the ratio or times you may end up with soggy rice, or crunchy rice.
  • Once you put the lid on the IP, make sure the vent knob is set in the sealing position and then Pressure Cook on high for 3 minutes. On my IP that is just “manual” and I have to turn the time all the way down to 3. From there just let it be. It should build up the pressure to 3. Then count down to zero. From there you need it to naturally release for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, carefully nudge the venting knob to the side to release any leftover steam/pressure and it should be ready to be opened. Fluff the rice and it should be ready to serve. If you have a little water left over but it’s the right texture you can just scoop it out avoiding the water. If it’s crunchy, add less then a cup of water and do the pressure to a minute Since this is Jasmine Rice it’s considered sticky rice, so it’s normal to stick a bit, but it should not be crunchy.
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