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Chimichangas (Deep Fried Burritos)

Every few days I’m trying to come up with something new to feed my burrito loving teenage son, this time I whipped up Chimichangas (Deep Fried Burritos). These are a basic burrito that you then fry in vegetable oil instead of baking. He has decided these are all I should make now. Now…


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Frito Taco Casserole

The dish Frito Taco Casserole is a fun recipe that my family enjoys. I make a pan of it when I have some Fritos that need to be used up. This is one of those great recipes where you can add different ingredients if you wish to liven it up. Black beans, kidney…


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Easy Beef & Bean Burritos

With the kids home all day right now, my son is devouring frozen burritos constantly, so I decided to make some Easy Beef & Bean Burritos. It’s better for him to be eating ones that I have made mostly from scratch vs store bought ones. I had 2 pounds of leftover hamburger with…


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